Black Walnut over Snow Dresser
Black Walnut over Snow Dresser
Retique It®

Black Walnut over Snow Dresser

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Everything you need to complete this dresser


  • Retique It® Dark Wood for the Top
  • Retique It® Chalk Finish Paint for the base
  • Wood Stain, Polyacrylic, Paint Brush, Gloves & Cloth

    • No sanding or stripping required
    • Top Looks and feels like a genuine wood finish because it is
    • Renaissance Chalk Finish Paint for the base in Snow
    • Water based, ultra low VOC, virtually no order. Can be applied inside
    • Easy clean up with soap and water


    How To

    • Clean surface and allow to completely dry. Wipe down with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits if the surface has ever had furniture wax or polish on it.
    • Apply Retique It® liquid wood with a paint brush, roller or paint sprayer using long even strokes.
    • Allow up to 2 hours to dry. Use soap and water to clean up drips and spills.
    • Apply any wood stain, color of your choice, to obtain the desired finish. Follow the wood stain manufacturer’s directions on the back of their can.
    • Apply a top coat, such as Retique It® Polyacrylic or a polyurethane to protect the finish. Use a top coat designed for the durability required for surface use.

    NOTE: One layer of Retique It® will give subtle grain. For directions on how to achieve a heavy grain using a graining tool go to